Arkansas Realtime Reporting

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With Real-Time Reporting, as the reporter writes, the transcript appears in English on a linked computer screen. At that point, the attorney has the option to choose the level of real-time service provided, which include a host of options:

Rough Draft or Rough ASCII
Attorney does not utilize the computer but leaves with a rough draft of the day's testimony.

On-Line Computer Hookup
The attorney utilizes a direct computer link to the reporter's instant transcript for viewing, either from attorney laptop or laptop provided by reporter.

On-Line Litigation Support
Attorney utilizes a direct computer link to the reporter's instant transcript and is able to make notes, mark issues, and search previous testimony, all the while viewing the ongoing testimony.

Get CaseViewNet for your realtime event
Live testimony immediately appears on your computer screen as the court reporter writes realtime into your CaseViewNet Client software. Any court reporter’s software that sends realtime to viewers such asCaseView
II, LiveNote, Summation and others, can send realtime to the free CaseViewNet Client using traditional realtime serial cables, splitters and adapters.

• Secure WiFi!  Easy set-up, no cables and adapters - no time wasted
• RapidRefresh!  The reporter’s edits are reflected instantly on your computer. You’ll have the most accurate rough draft ever possible. Even if you arrive late, you’ll receive the entire transcript immediately so you won’t miss a thing.

What you’ll also love:
• Free download at

• No tokens

• No registration
• No compliance issues
• No compatibility problems
• Universally Compatible! Save the transcript and/or your annotations as LexisNexis
TextMap, Livenote PTF, Summation and more.