Arkansas Realtime Reporting

Fayetteville location:
1130 E Millsap Rd
Fayetteville AR 72703
(479) 301-2040

Little Rock location:
701 W 7th St
Little Rock AR 72201
(501) 725-7963

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  • Certified Realtime Systems Administrator

  • Upon request we will provide a notebook/netbook computer for viewing and annotating.

  • We also offer wireless realtime technology making realtime set-up a cinch.

Rough Drafts

  • Save your client expedited fees! A rough draft can be provided during or immediately after a deposition; a cleaned up rough draft can be e-mailed after the completion of the deposition.

Litigation Support

  • Our reporters can send realtime feeds to any litigation support system.

Video Conferencing

  • On-site video conferencing, utilizing advanced technology to provide high definition quality broadcasts with document presentation.


  • Call Arkansas Realtime Reporting to work with the Webstream service of your choice. You do not need to leave your office we can stream live, directly to your desktop!

Trials and Arbitrations

  • We can provide trial reporting for situations where the local court reporter cannot provide realtime or daily copy or if you prefer a steno reporter over a court's analog or digital recording system.

    Save your client money Arkansas Realtime Reporting can also provide realtime rough drafts only when a final transcription is not required.

Video Depositions

  • Provided at your request in any digital format. We can provide your video in various types of media. We offer synchronization of transcripts that can be clipped to export to most trial presentation software or PowerPoint presentation. Our synchronized work product is provided on a DVD with viewing software for PC or DVD player and management tools for PC. This means you do not need any additional software installed on your computer or prior experience to view, manage and clip.

Local Services

  • To schedule a deposition, schedule online or call our offices at 479-301-2040. You may schedule services 7 days a week.

Worldwide Reporting Services

  • Many attorneys request our services outside of the Northwest Arkansas area. If you are traveling to a country that does not utilize stenographic court reporting, or if you are traveling and need the assured quality of realtime, we will be glad to accommodate you. 


  • Skilled interpreters are brought in for any foreign language you may need.