Arkansas Realtime Reporting

Fayetteville location:
1130 E Millsap Rd
Fayetteville AR 72703
(479) 301-2040

Little Rock location:
701 W 7th St
Little Rock AR 72201
(501) 725-7963

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“Not All Video is created equal”

Certified Legal Videographer

  • NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist

  • Certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers

Digital Tapeless Workflow

  • Online Repository of video

  • Video offered in any format from MPEG I to HD Streams

  • Multiple media formats

"state of the art" video camera equipment

  • Simultaneous recording in multiple formats

  • Field equipped cameras and audio equipment

  • GPS Equipped/Embedded Camera for onsite documentation of accidents and crime scenes.

video depositions

  • Single or multiple Camera

  • Document viewing

  • Synchronized with transcripts and exhibits in DVD format or Online Repository

  • Daily copy available upon request.

adl documentaries

accident scene reconstruction video

  • Transportation Accidents

  • Construction Site

  • Industrial & Worksite

independent medical exams

  • You control the examination.

Will executions

  • Document the “State of Mind” and intentions of the executor.

settlement brochures

  • Mediation

  • Arbitrations

site surveys

  • Pre & post construction surveys document the site and its surroundings prior to and after construction to mitigate damage claims

  • Construction Payment Draw Inspection.

litigation support

  • Video, Transcript and Exhibit editing and clips for trial presentation.

  • Document support

  • Equipment

Mock trials

  • Know how your case/witnesses are going to look or present to the judge and jury.

daily copy

  • Daily copy of video upon request.

  • Overnight turn-around of synchronized video transcripts if using our realtime reporters upon prior arrangement.